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After the baby was born, the mothers who are first mothers will be very nervous, plus the vitality during the production will make the family fall into a panic situation, then shopping for the baby at this time, it will inevitably appear to be in a hurry. Therefore, prepare a list of wholesale newborn baby items in advance, and then wait for the baby to be born before they can be prepared. However, many novice mothers know nothing about what a baby needs to use when they are born, and often buy whatever they think of, but in the end they buy a lot of unusable baby items. In order to solve the troubles of novice mothers, we have compiled a shopping list of newborn baby items today, and follow this to buy, it must be very accurate!

Kiskissing wholesale baby bibs

The following are the essential items for newborn babies:

  • Feeding bottle and pacifier, and more than 2 pacifiers should be prepared for replacement
  • Changing mats for diapers
  • 2-3 pieces baby handkerchief
  • 70 small diapers
  • 4 sets of baby jumpsuits and 2 children’s pajamas or 2 extra baby jumpsuits, 4 pieces of cotton underwear, 3 cardigans, 3-5 pieces bibs, 1 pieces winter warm hat, 1 summer hat with eaves, 3 pairs of socks (thickness depends on the season), loose and not tight ankles, 2 pairs of small gloves (necessary in winter)
  • 3 bottom sheets of suitable size, 2-3 blankets

Kiskissing wholesale baby hats

Every mother wants to give the baby the best life, but as a novice mother you may always worry that they will not do well enough, have no experience, are not thoughtful, and have all kinds of worries. It is hoped that these baby items list will allow novice mothers to be fully prepared to welcome the arrival of the baby.

Kiskissing Wholesale Baby Blankets

We have prepared all of the above baby essential items for you, which can be wholesale in large quantities, and the more you buy, the more affordable the price, you can buy it with confidence.

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